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How to Read PDF eBooks on Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire is a newly released Tablet PC which is produced by Amazon. It supports users to read eBooks, watch movies and play games without any restrictions. Furthermore, it was used to be competed with iPad directly. So if there are two options for you, iPad & Kindle Fire, which one will you choose?

For many people, maybe Kindle Fire is the best choice on the basis of price and functions. It is no doubt that iPad is a successful Tablet PC on the market, but many expert thinks Kindle Fire maybe a "Black Horse" on the Tablet PC market, and they also predict that Kindle Fire will be the biggest competitor for iPad. Many people want to read PDF eBooks on Kindle Fire, right? Here, we could like to recommend a simple way to read PDF on Kindle Fire - Convert PDF to MOBI with iStonsoft PDF to MOBI Converter software. But before it, it is essential for us to get more information about Kindle Fire, we will analyze the strength of Kindle Fire from different angles in this article.

reading pdf ebooks on kindle fire

Why People Choose Kindle Fire?

Reason one - Unparalleled Price Advantage
If Apple's products can be irresistible, so Amazon's price is also irresistible. Even though iPad is very attractive, but $499 for an iPad is not everyone can stroke of a pen. It is a little bit expensive for many people. However, the price of the Kindle Fire is only a half of an iPad. If you think the price is lower so the performance will not be good as well as iPad, then you are totally wrong. From eBook to games, Kindle Fire has most of the features of iPad.

Reason two - 7-inch Display Screen
Are you enjoying reading books on the iPad large screen? You answer must be "Yes", right? However, sometimes do you think it is not convenient to take an iPad anytime anywhere? Kindle Fire has an 7-inch display screen which you can hold it in your palm and read eBooks freely. From the angle of portability, Kindle Fire definitely wins the iPad.

What's more, as we know that a wide range of apps are the most important feature of iPad, but now Kindle Fire has an Amazon, you can download many resources on online retailers. On the other hand, Kindle Fire also enables users to sell eBooks , music and other goods.

How to Read PDF eBooks on Kindle Fire?

With these strengths, Kindle Fire is no doubt will be a popular device on the market. We all know that reading books and watching movies on iPad are the greatest enjoyment, right? So does Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire also can support most of the eBook format, and you can purchase and download many books from Amazon. By the way, if you want to read PDF eBooks on Kindle Fire, you need to convert PDF files to ePub format firstly. You can use an easy-to-use yet useful PDF to MOBI Converter software - iStonsoft PDF to MOBI Converter. With this program, you can convert PDF to ePub eBooks as easy as 1-2-3. Then you can read PDF books on Kindle Fire without any restrictions.

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