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Free Virtual PDF Printer

Sometimes you have to print some materials according to our working needs, but there is no printer, what will you do? Today, we could like to introduce top 3 free PDF virtual printer software for your choice. With these PDF printer, you can print any materials you need as you like.

The top 3 virtual PDF printer software is BullzipPDF Printer, doPDF, Doro PDF Writer respectively. Besides these 3 free virtual PDF printer, there are many other free PDF virtual printer in the market, like PDF Printer (PdfSvg), PDF reDirect, PDF24 Creator, PDFCreator, Perfect PDF 7 Master, Print2PDF Free and qvPDF. You can try to compare these freeware and then decide which one is better according to your specific needs.

These virtual PDF printer software is all designed for users to print files to PDF format, if you want to convert PDF to other different formats like Word, HTML, ePub, PPT, etc, you can try PDF Converter Pro software. Furthermore, if you are a Mac user, you can also go to PDF Converter Pro for Mac. These PDF Converter tools, which enables users to convert PDF files to different formats in one conversion. You can compare these PDF Converters and decide which one you are need.

In addition, if you need a Doc or Docx file, you can click here and learn how to convert PDF files to Doc/Docx on Mac.

Now, we will introduce the 3 free virtual PDF printer to you one by one!

Top 3 Free Virtual PDF Printer

1. Bullzip PDF Printer – Create PDF Files Quickly and Easily
BullZip PDF Printer is compatible with most Windows programs that support printing. After the installation, there is a virtual BullZip PDF Printer in the print options instead of a common print program icon. With these virtual PDF printer, you cannot only print different files like TXT, DOC, PPT, etc to PDF documents directly, but also convert various image format to PDF files, including BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. Furthermore, you are not required to install any PDF browser during the whole period.

This virtual PDF Printer supports Windows 7 operating system, backwards compatibility, and some 64-bit operating system can also be successfully installed. That means almost all applications under the Windows platform can start by using the print function key tool. What's more, this freeware enables users to set a password to protect PDF files.

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2. doPDF – A Simple and Easy-to-use PDF Converter
Sometimes you want to convert some files to PDF formats and you don't want to buy some PDF converter in the market, what will you do? doPDF freeware is a simple and easy-to-use PDF converter. To convert other formats to PDF files, you only need to click File-> Print in the menu after you open Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad or any other text editing software. Then choose doPDF to convert and preserve the converted PDF files. The whole conversion will be finished at seconds.

The downside is that the converted PDF file is very large, but this is not a big problem, you can use some compression software to compress the PDF documents like WinRAR, etc.

3. Doro PDF Writer
Doro PDF Writer is a virtual PDF Printer, which supports Word. You only need to choose Doro PDF Writer in the printer window while you are using it, then you can convert the contents on the screen to PDF documents easily.

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Do you have a clear mind of these free virtual PDF printer? If so, you can compare them and decide which one is better on the basis of your specific needs.

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